BOAR Eyyy!

by BOAR Gin®

The best way to party is with the BOAR Eyyy!, the BCB Drink 2022. It is based on our BOAR Gin and Caliber 1844. If you want to try it, Christopher Tepasse will tell you how to prepare it. He is a bartender at The Palace Hotel in Berlin, developed the drink and presents the finest drinks for his guests at the House of Gin Bar.



4cl BOAR Gin
2cl Vanilla Patchouli Syrup
2cl BOAR Caliber1844
2cl Lime water
2cl Black currant
0,5cl Dom Benedictine 3 Drops Fee Foam


Put all ingredients together with ice in the shaker. Shake vigorously and then make a dry shake. Then strain the drink into a coupette and garnish with freeze-dried powdered raspberries. Cheers!

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