Press review excerpts
More is not possible. Another drop from the Black Forest is taking the world of gin by storm and is already considered one of the best clear spirits in the world: Boar Gin.
FAZ 06/2019
The mildly complex flavor profile of BOAR Gin makes it exceptional.
Mixology 01/2019
It is a meteoric rise that a small family distillery has managed in recent years.
HOGAPAGE 05/2019
Gin from the Renchtal valley tops worldwide.
Fine nose. Taste top!
FIZZ 04/18
Three guys are shaking up the gin world.
Transgourmet Cook 12/2018
Inspired by the Black Forest, creatively thought around the corner and awarded all over the world.
DRINKS 04/18
A unique distillery. An exceptional pleasure.
Quite remarkable for the small family distillery that has been making its brandies by hand since 1844.
HEUTE.AT 05/2019
Premium gin unique in the world
Word Of Wellness 05/2019
Boar Distillery combines tradition with modernity
Brandgeister 06/2019
Handmade. Highly awarded. Saulecker!
A product made from high quality, regional ingredients, handmade in the traditional way and innovatively refined, as if made for an exclusive range.
PASSION 2/2018
It not only tastes excellent, it is! Worldwide.
A boar. A gin. A global success.
It is a real sensation! In any case, we strongly recommend one thing! Drink!
Lust auf Gut
So the gin comes to Black Forest!
Mein Schwarzwald
BOAR GIN - A gin sensation from the Black Forest
New in Zurich
In the family-run BOAR Distillery in the Black Forest, spirits have been created in tradition since 1844, combining innovation with centuries of experience - this love of the product is the anchor of a unique global success story.
INAR - Internet Nachrichtenagentur
Because their Boar Gin is the best in Germany. This was now in writing from the German Agricultural Society (DLG), where the trio was allowed to pick up the Golden Award 2018.
Life PR
Gold-winning gin comes from the Black Forest.
BOAR Gin® lives the Black Forest like no other spirit.
About Drinks
Excellent and tasty as hell!
It's a little sensation: BOAR Distillery in the Black Forest is the world's highest award-winning gin distillery in recent years.
BOAR Gin is a tasty trophy for taste hunters.
GinSIn 04/2019
Anyone who tastes it will be delighted by its uniqueness and subtle truffle nuance. 01/2019