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Strictly speaking, gin is a spirit. And in our case, it is very noble and unique. Because we harmonize our distillates with the Black Forest Burgundy truffle.


During the complex maceration, which lasts several days, the alcohol releases the aromas from the botanicals. And this is where the Black Forest truffle unfolds its special effect. It removes pungency and bitterness from the macerate to a minimum. This means that the entire flavor composition is very mild, but retains its spectrum-rich, typical aroma profile. Mixology describes it as “mild-complex and extraordinary.”
We call it the symphony of purest natural elements. For connoisseurs and passionate gin drinkers, the pleasure becomes an experience.


The answer is: not at all. Because they have always been here, at the roots of oaks, hornbeams, limes and hazelnut plants. The Black Forest Burgundy truffle was once known far beyond the state’s borders. In the early 20th century, trade in the rare tuber flourished. Jewish merchants in particular recognized the value of this natural commodity. However, on June 26, 1935, the search for and trade in the truffle was banned by the Nazi regime. (see Reich Nature Conservation Act of June 26, 1935 from the Austrian National Library) Thus, over the decades, knowledge of the local truffle species fell into oblivion.

And even today they are coveted but still strictly protected. Because the paragraph of the National Socialists is still valid in the law of Baden-Württemberg.

from the Black Forest

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Natural spring water
from the depths of the Black Forest
In our distillates we use natural water from the Black Forest. Our farm spring is located deep in the mountain 390 m above sea level. This mountain spring water contains important minerals, is rich in trace elements and has a particularly mild taste.
without airs and graces
With the knowledge of 6 generations and a strong passion for good liquor, we live the craft. We combine traditional production methods and regionality with the innovative, technological possibilities of our time and have a leading plant technology in use. Because this quality is so important to us, we work with the best tools available: Our hands.