BOAR Zero is not a gin. BOAR Zero is the first non-alcoholic alternative in BIO quality, 100% distilled, free of preservatives and free of artificial additives.

The unique manufacturing process extracts the aromas particularly gently. Spicy juniper paired with spicy-sweet thyme meet floral lavender and gentle citrus and coriander tones.

with BOAR Zero

BOAR Zero is also the non-alcoholic alternative to the world’s highest-awarded gin. In the mix with tonic water or as an ideal base for non-alcoholic cocktails and long drinks a delight. Made from 19 botanicals and purest, natural spring water from the farm’s own Black Forest spring.

and is BOAR Zero & Tonic non-alcoholic

Serve the BOAR Zero & Tonic in a highball glass with plenty of ice. Break a lemon zest over the glass and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

The perfect drink for those who do not drink.

BOAR Zero makes it possible to enjoy high-quality long drinks and cocktails not only alcohol-free, but also without preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar and calories. This makes BOAR Zero unique in the category “non-alcoholic distillates”.