The Highest Awarded Gin in the World comes from a small Black Forest family distillery

The traditional natural aromas unfold with particularly fine mildness – Classic with juniper berries, lavender, thyme and light citrus tones – paired with a mild-complex play of pepper, rosemary and ginger notes. The finish is round and powerful.

Pleasure becomes an experience

In this composition of 19 botanicals, wild, hand-picked and natural ingredients find their masterfully arranged place. They are refined and harmonized by an innovative process with the addition of the rare Black Forest truffle and the mineral-rich mountain spring water from our own source.

Details and information


London Dry Gin
43% / 0,5l
19 botanicals

Exceptional, mildly complex aroma profile
Harmonized by Black Forest Burgundy truffles
Mineralized by Black Forest spring water from the farm’s own spring
Highest awarded gin in the world

What makes this gin so special?

The innovative and gentle production process with the addition of the rare Black Forest truffle removes sharpness and bitter substances from the distillate. The complex aroma profile of our BOAR Gin can thus unfold freely and for a long time. This process is unique in the world.

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Unique. Even among German gin producers.

While other gin producers buy their raw alcohol (the basis for the production of gin) from industrial distilleries, we produce the high-purity base alcohol ourselves in our own distillery.
 The grain used for the production comes from farmers in the region. Sustainability, 100% genuine quality and regionality have been the main building blocks for the production of our spirits on our farm since 1844.

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Goes well with any tonic.

BOAR Gin is one of the few gins that can be paired with any tonic and promises special pleasure experiences: From intense & powerful to summery fresh. BOAR Gin retains its unmistakable identity in every variation.

Your life is colorful.

That’s why we believe the best Gin & Tonic is the one that comes closest to your preferences, depending on your taste and life situation. Personal taste is not a question of formulas or medals, but shaped by personal experiences and determined by subjective sensations. So: Don’t let anyone tell you anything, but try it out.

Enjoy pure.
By the way, you can experience the natural flavors and the pure soul of BOAR Gin when you taste it neat. We invite you to this special experience, pure or on ice with a lemon zest!
Taste not only our gin pure, but also all the others. It is guaranteed to bring you further!
BOAR. Excuse me?
The namesake and icon of BOAR Gin is a true native of the pristine forests of the Black Forest – the wild boar.
Many only talk about sustainability. We have been living it since 1844.
Those who need nature and a healthy living environment treat them with respect. Those who live from them protect them. And those who love them give them back more than they take from them.
Handmade quality in own distillery
Traditional production in small batches. Many talk about it. We burn for it. Small and fine, in the middle of the Black Forest. Always, since 1844.

Our distillery has been awarded more than 80 times worldwide.

Special drinks and cocktails with our BOAR Gin

BOAR Gin &

The classic long drink


Signature Drink BOAR Gin®