BOAR Black Keiler Strength 49,9%

bartender´s cut - for barmasters only

In this high-proof Black Edition is even more Black Forest and even more boar. Intense aromas of juniper berries, lavender and thyme, grounded with rare root barks and harmonized by an innovative process with the addition of the rare Black Forest gold – the Black Forest truffle – make this gin even a touch wilder.

Masterfully composed with natural ingredients from our home

Pure elegance and identity in taste

The interplay of its botanicals with the mineral-rich deep well water peaks in a true experience for the senses – elegant, natural and with an unmistakeable identity.

The first gin worldwide with original Black Forest Burgundy truffles

Ambassador of pleasure from our home

What makes our gin one-of-a-kind? The Black Forest truffle. It brings a round naturalness in taste and gilds this symphony made of the purest natural elements.

BOAR – when pleasure becomes an experience

The purest moments of pleasure from tradition since 1844

This premium gin is the ambassador of pleasure from our one-of-a-kind home in southern Germany and, in particular, will excite anyone who enjoys its drinking culture with all senses and who only loves and treasures the truly special.