for people really on the hunt for pleasure

BOAR Gin Tastings

Special gin tastings for people really on the hunt for pleasure and all those who would like to be. Book and attend our gin tastings in the BOAR distillery or as part of your private or public event.

Experience interesting information about the historic development of gin, about the gin and tonic long drink, about distilling in general and, of course, about the creation of BOAR Gin, the most award-winning gin worldwide. AND: of course, we will try some!


# Approx. two-hour gin tasting with up to 20 participants
# The historical background of the development of gin
# How was the oldest long drink in the world, the gin and tonic, created?
# How was the internationally award-winning BOAR Gin created?

# Introduction to the variety of flavours and tastes in gin
# Tasting
# Information on combining different types of gin and tonic
# Gin in cocktails
# Includes a bottle of BOAR Gin 43% for each participant